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Ganit Week


Mathematics has been a favourite and fascinating subject for our Students.  Children always show great enthusiasm in learning Mathematics .  We have been trying our level best to  inculcate a love for Mathematics among the students.  Therefore a circular, asking Schools to organize a programme in connection with GANIT WEEK, was greatly welcomed by our Teachers and Students at large.  In connection with the GANIT WEEK celebration at School,  the following programmes were organised. A Quiz programme for classes VI to X, an essay competition for classes VIII to X  on the Topic “Mathematics  &  Me”, A Poster competition on “Tangram” with a theme on  “Swatch Bharath”,  Origami on Solid Shapes.  A movie on “Fibonacci Series”  & “Golden ratio” describing the connection, involvement and combination of Mathematics in nature was also shown to the Students.


In order to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Shri. Srinivasa Ramanujan, we had put up a Drama titled “Life of Ramanujan”.  The following innovative items were done through dance performances


  1.  A tree dance   representing   the  number system
  2. Proving  the    identity   X (X+2) + 1 = X2 + 2X + 1
  3. Pascal’s Triangle
  4. Impersonating the Giants in the field of Mathematics.( Euclid, Phythagoras, Apollonius, Thales, Aryabhatta, Rene Descartes, Shakunthala Devi )


All these programmes were organized as part of our Annual Day, involving 200 Students and making the whole programme a grand success.  Parents were thrilled and congratulated the participants for the effort put in, to help the children think logically & analytically thus making the Mathematics teaching – learning process an easy task

kargil day & reading week


Report on the Commemoration of Kargil Vijay Divas at Bhavan’s Vidya Manir, Poochatty

25 July, 2014

Kargil Vijay Divas

Kargil Vijay Divas was observed at the Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Poochatty on 25 July 2014, to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the victory of the Indian Armed Forces over the infiltrators across the border, with a programme titled “Kar Chale Hum Fida”, a moving description of the life of a soldier at war, and as a martyr. A mime was also presented.

The idea took root a few years ago, in fact, with Mrs. Vrinda Pradeep (presently, HOD, Hindi Department) conceptualizing the showcasing of a soldier’s life. However, the training of our students, in drill was required for the entire programme to be one of quality. It was only this year that the concept and the workability came together, with the ample and able support given by one of our former students, Ms. Krishnaja K (of the Class of 2011), who is a Senior Under Officer with the NCC. Under her guidance and training, almost thirty young boys and girls of classes 8, 9 and 10 were transformed into soldiers, both in posture and demeanour. All this transformation was nothing short of miraculous, as they managed this, entirely with Ms. Krishnaja and her colleague, Ms Prajitha, in less than a week. Like true soldiers, they worked on their drill, their posture, the swing and angle of their arms and legs, almost tirelessly through the day, and sometimes well after class. It must be noted that they sacrificed their classes too in the endeavour to be able to come as close to excellence as was physically possible.

All through the practice, it was immediately clear that the venue of the programme had to be the main assembly ground to showcase their abilities. They needed the space to march, to do manoeuvers and play out a mock battle too. Ultimately also came the touching scene wherein a martyr’s body is brought home for burial. What made the programme all the more suspenseful and nail-biting was the fact that rain was threatening to play spoil-sport, for even the morning of the programme, it had been raining almost continuously. Truly, we know it to be nothing short of a miracle that the entire programme took place in the assembly ground, under sunny skies, having clear skies, from a few minutes before the programme, to a couple of minutes after the whole show ended! The last scene closed and just a few minutes later, the skies opened up! It seemed as if the heavy downpour was a blessing from above, not only for a fine and remarkably executed programme, but also for the sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the Kargil Conflict.

Immediately afterwards, the Chief Guest on the occasion, Shri. Prakash Gopidas, of the 148 BN, gave away letters of appreciation, sent from the HRD Minister, the Honourabale Smriti Irani to Children With Special Needs (CWSN), appreciating their efforts in completing the the Class X course. The students who received the letters are Master Sreerag, Master Arjun Sethumadhavan and Ms. Niveditha Ramnath.

The Chief Guest for the programme was Shri G. Prakash, of the 148 BN, BSF. Sr. Under Officer Krishnaja (NCC), a former student of the Bhavan’s and Mr. Prakash trained a group of thirty students In drill, and the ways of the soldier, so that the entire even had the hallmark of authenticity. The Hon. Secretary, Shri. K S Unni, presented mementos to both. Dr. Manoranjini, Principal, Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir exhorted the students to uphold the high values of patriotism and take inspiration from the students who had performed that day.

Miss Anjana MV and Master Sruthin Vasanth of Class 10 delivered the Welcome address and the Vote of Thanks, respectively.

The video of the programme can be seen on youtube, at this link.

Reading Week – 19 June to 26 June, 2014

Reading Week was observed this year too, and the occasion was marked by posters displayed in classes, on corridors, speeches by eminent personalities, and presentations at the Morning Assembly.
19 June to 26 June is observed as Reading Week here. Students from Class 6 upwards shared a brief review of their favourite book and urged others to read too. On the first day, a book review competition was conducted after which the reviews were assessed and winners declared in all the three groups, from classes 6 to 12.
Noted critic and writer, Professor I Shanmugadas addressed children of Class XI on the merits and benefits of reading. Professor Jalaja, retired from Kerala Varma College, addressed students of Class X on the next day and they too benefitted greatly from their insights.
More class libraries were started this year too, and it is encouraging to note that more students are now turning to books during their spare time in the classes.
We hope that this trend will capture more, young and older ones alike to broaden the scope and the reach of the freest and most pleasurable entertainment ever.

Club Activities Compilation


Agricultural activities in School

Agriculture field visit

Campus Cleaning

Dasha pushpam display

Observing rain water harvesting pits

Vaidyaratnam Visit to know about Medicinal plants

World Environment Day

Eco-Club Activities

Smt. Anjusha Vasudevan, Eco-Club Co-Ordinator being awarded a certificate of commendation by Sri. C.N. Balakrishnan, Hon. Co-Operative Minister, Govt. of Kerala, for her outstanding work on Environmental Conservation in the year 2011.




Plastic knowingly or unknowingly has turned out to be a major threat to the present world, which needs to be resolved at any cost. As per the saying, “Tools are not to be blamed but its masters are!!” plastic is just another innocent invention that is being misused by its masters, who themselves have named it as their enemy. As we have accepted its vitality in our day to day lives, time has come for us to start loving plastic. We should never discard something we love and never let it give a chance to turn out as a hazard to ourselves.
Taking these conceptions into account, the leading Malayalam newspaper in Kerala, “Mathrubhumi” launched a campaign named ‘Love Plastic’.
This campaign was officially inaugurated by our honourable Ex-President, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam on February 19th 2011 at Indraprastha Hall, Kottayam. For this campaign, 70 schools all over Kerala, 5 each from a district were selected. Our School was represented by our Eco-club co-ordinator Smt.Anjusha Vasudevan, along with six students of the Eco-club (Marlia Mubeen, Jaya Thampi, Anna Roy, Meera A.R, Akshay Vishwanath, Sandeep.Jiju.Alex). After the formal inauguration Dr. Kalam gave an awe inspiring speech on the importance of this campaign.
As part of this campaign, several seminars were conducted all over the state. Representatives from our school attended the seminar organized at the Mathrubhumi office, Thrissur. The seminar gave us a detailed picture of the different types of plastic (low micron, high micron, high density, and pet plastic), the way it has to be sorted and sent for recycling. Four well labelled sacks meant for filling the sorted plastics were supplied to each school through their respective representatives.
The next phase of this campaign kicked off with the official launching of the “Love Plastic” initiative in every schools. After the launching ceremony at the eco club meeting led by Anjusha Teacher, the whole school pledged ‘Love Plastic’ as their main motto. Volunteers are selected from each division to head the various activities in their respective classes. Every Friday, the students are asked to bring used-clean plastics ranging from toffee wrappers to plastic bottles, which are in turn handed over to the volunteers, who with the help of the senior eco club members would sort out and fill the sacks during the 1 hour club period. Additionally, many awareness generation programs were also conducted. The success of this activity was finally revealed in the form of ten sacks of plastic within a span of one year.
The initial phase of the program was thus successfully completed on 15th September 2011 with a flag-off ceremony held at our school. The first official flag off was done by our honourable Chief Minister, Sri.Ummen Chandy at Trivandrum in the last year. In our school, the ceremony was inaugurated by Sri. M.P Vincent, our honourable the presence of Sri.Sreekanth, the Sub editor of Mathrubhumi and other members. The program was also attended by many senior managing committee members of the school including our honourable Secretary, Sri K.S.Unni, PTA members, other teaching staff and members of the eco-club. Vice Principal Smt.Sujata Menon and Eco-club coordinator Smt.Anjusha Vasudevan also spoke a few words on this occasion.
The hundred sacks that were carried from our school in a huge truck is now part of the vast sea of plastic that has come from every nook and corner of Kerala. Mathrubhumi collected sacks twice in the year and given it for recycling. The campaign will continue every year.
Hence, to conclude, we will revisit a few thoughts so as to get a clear insight on the campaign once again. Plastic is not a curse, it is omnipresent. Why? Though it has a number of substitutes none of them is as effective as plastic. So, why should we blame plastic? Aren’t we the ones with our selfishness, who created heaps and hills of plastic, stagnant river blocked with plastic debris, a polluted atmosphere filled with noxious gases of burning plastic?
Yes, the albatross hangs around our necks! We are the real culprits! SO WE HAVE TO ACT. Step out of your doorsteps and see the world in splendor being plundered in plastic. Reuse whatever you can, recycle the rest and also be careful to reduce its redundant usage. Since 2011 we are actively participating in this campaign.
This will go down in history as the beginning of a great journey to a wonderful destination. We, the children and teachers of Bhavan’s, disciples of Sir K.M.Munshi will indeed follow his legacy. We have put our hands to this venture. Hope you all will join with us.

(Report prepared by Anjusha Vasudevan, teacher, BVB Poochatty, Thrissur, Kerala )

Sorting of plastic waste in different sacks

Sri.M.P.Vincent,MLA, performing Flag-Off ceremony at Bhavan’s, Poochetty.



Laurels of 2012-13

Ramayana Week